Top line revenue program

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The standard approach is to hire a sales leader and work direct sales, channel and web driven marketing for increased revenue. Then, revenue is tracked against quarterly goals, together with the commensurate frustration from the CEO.
It's not enough.
Top line revenue is built from the ground up - the strategy, the offer, and the marketing creates raw leads. From there, these leads get aggregated into a pipeline that drives top line. Gaining more top line revenue then is about closing business together with the team and business leaders - not based upon just the offer, but based on many factors of strategic selling.
There's  little reason that companies cannot seek global revenue goals in a connected world.  With international know-how, access to selected markets and a cultural will to provide a compelling offer, top line can extend beyond borders.
Entropy can help with that
Global sales implementation can suffer from not being a complete offer; one that focues on what's being sold, not what is supported. An outline is then created for all aspects of what the customer expects, and then a step-by-step plan is created and worked within the best strengths of the team. In country support and market based know-how are then created over time for success.

Data driven strategies program

There's a hard axiom for any data strategy that seems self-evident, but is not often implemented: start with the data first. Data driven strategies look first at the data sets that predicate the best utilization of the application or analytics platform.  Data scientists know what this means.

Implementing a data driven strategy means assessing the structure, format and volume of data as it relates to access and query – from source to target. In any architecture, this is the best place to start.

Next, workflow, business rules and governance rule the design. Data driven strategies are not self-serve – there's too much at stake.

Media technology solutions

Entropy's busines advisory uses industry leading experts to provide a baseline of current and future capabilities as well as new media strategies.  In this way, the strategy is always relevant and future proof.
In addition, media technology has to be structured from the underlying standard that feeds into the technology that in turn, forms the basis of the system and application. By laying out a historical and forward looking timeline, you can judge how how long the investment must run.
Entropy uses one of the most progressive companies in the world to best architect and fit data with any business – Javlin a.s. and its premier data integration software, CloverETL.

CloverETL's approach is to assess data patterns that fit the data set, and establish the best data design that maximizes performance and governance. It works for just about any vertical market. What's more it's perfect for premise, cloud or hybrid delivery, big or small. Let's face it, "big data" is now passé  and even data lakes and such buzz words just don't work.

What does work is the thoughtful data design of CloverETL's approach.

Capturing one media technology approach for a multi-billion market segment would be ill-advised. What Entropy provides is a method to assess both the ROI on technology investment as well as a focus in selected area of expertise that include:
  • Media distribution
  • OTT
  • Cross platform
  • Analytics
  • Operations, MAM, DAM
  • International standards