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Our company was conceived and based upon a belief that all firms face greater change than they know how to manage. With a focus on near-term results and the payoff from their investment in technology and people, a frustration is manifested in the lack of a workable plan. Our consultancy meets that issue head on. 

The term entropy is well known from a general thermodynamic sense and can be viewed as a measure of disorder or even multiplicity. At its core, entropy represents the exchange of energy.  From a business sense, this concept can either be embraced or rejected.  A business change or downturn should be viewed as an opportunity.

Peter Cresse is an experienced international sales and marketing executive, who has led commercial efforts for companies, large and small. His success in establishing greater revenue, as well as finding the payoff for technology investment in new markets or applications is a hallmark of Entropy's reputation in the market. Peter’s career extends into technology areas from data software, media distribution, telecommunications, satellite systems, video encoding, streaming, and aerospace.
As an executive at Fortune 50 firms such as GE, GTE, Scientific-Atlanta (Cisco) and Intelsat, Peter served in broad-ranging sales and marketing jobs. In addition, he established international sales offices in Frankfurt, London and Tokyo, and living over seven years overseas, he represented diverse products in the area of video, internet, media, data, and satellite systems. Three notable achievements are the rollout of one of the first digital TV systems in Russia, 50 channels for Arabsat and bringing Discovery TV distribution to India.
Peter Cresse
Dealing with shorter life cycles of technology, following 18 month trend lines, or managing employees with a different work ethic, all require a pragmatic approach.

There's no simplistic mission statement for Entropy; rather, our approach takes the energy in a business or market at hand, looks at what can be leveraged with the team, and focuses on top line revenue as its primary goal.

Check out the concept of entropy.
In the media area, Peter served as Vice President of Worldwide Sales for the Media Networks Division of Scientific-Atlanta where he led teams in the media distribution over satellite. As Director of Strategy and Marketing at Intelsat, he helped form the new Media & Entertainment Business Unit; and at Inlet Technologies, he grew the startup for its first $6M revenue, leading to purchase by Cisco for $90M. At GE and GTE, Peter served in international assignments in sales and marketing for Japan and Europe respectively. As a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, he served in the area of secure military satellite and technology projects. He also formed Entropy, Inc. a consulting company that provides programs that draw on his capabilities across media, communications, data, and sales.                       
In the area of data software, Peter has led the growth of a leading data integration software, CloverETL, created by Javlin, a progressive, forward-looking Czech company, where he serves as EVP of Javlin Group. In this realm, Peter and the CloverETL team have won premier international clients for data solutions supporting architectures such as big data, master data management, analytics, visualization, data quality and migration.
Peter received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts and his Master’s degree from Central Michigan University.  He is originally from the Boston area and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Peter can be contacted by email at pcresse@entropybusiness.com.