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The business world is in great change. This means there is wide opportunity for the companies and leaders who act with know-how and expertise. Check out our programs for insight.


As linear TV and ad revenues fall, media strategies are quickly evolving to capture the YouTube, OTT and Netflix  generation. Demand side programs and a greater focus on metadata-driven customer behaviors are here today and paramount for success.

Entropy is a different type of business advisory for technology and growth.  Find out how different.
Move ahead, in a disruptive environment. Without disruption. 
Crafting a data offer takes knowledge of both the vertical market and the applicable data patterns and business rules. Entropy can strategize for media, telecom, satellite systems, security, and many other areas to make a compelling strategy even more relevant.
Today's mandate is global growth and facilitating software, hardware, services, and know-how from sellers to buyers is the primary goal. Entropy's prinicipal has over 50 countries to his resume, living and working in NA, Asia, Europe and Middle East markets.

Top Line Revenue Program

Data Achitectures 

  • Implementation driven revenue 
  • Rediscovery of top line strategies and marketing
  • An approach to getting things done
  • A pathway in coordination with leadership

Recognize any of these?

You have a great technology — and somehow you struggle to sell it.  
There's malaise — and somehow you can't fight through it.
Investors chase trends and buzz words — and somehow you can't show top line.
All you hear is "big data" — and somehow no one knows what it means or how to start.
Media consumption is rising — and somehow you can't figure out how to capitalize.
Business thrives on revenue and new customers. Today, you can't just hire sales talent to grow.  What's needed is a program that integrates the brand, the offer and the commercial approach.